Learning how to garden effectively is always a difficult task because there’s so many different “How to Garden” videos on vimeo, youtube and throughout the internet. The variety of different videos on gardening make it hard to tell which is a good tip and which is a horrible tip.

The biggest issue with gardening is seeing results. Results come after weeks or months so if you take the advice of the wrong gardener you can often wind up worse off than using simple common sense.

Here at the Yummie Network we’ve brought in different professionals from all different backgrounds to give you the best professional gardening tips & tricks. Our friends at New Milford Tree Service recommend that you hop onto SSLFamilyDad on youtube if you need to find a good video to get your hands dirty.

Gardening 101: How to Start a Garden

Dave from New Milford Tree Service says that his son actually followed that video after getting his father’s advice! Dave loves how thorough the gardening tips are and how everything is explained in “child terms” as he calls it.

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